Friday, March 2, 2007

Hanging Bridges

Near La Fortuna, we spent a morning at Hanging Bridges park. The 15 metal suspension bridges throughout the park provide a fabulous way to view the rainforest canopy.

Janet and Ann posed for me on the first bridge; the next shot is from one of the highest bridges; and I'm on the second or third bridge (blur caused by bridge swaying!).

See that thing that looks like a giant green bean hanging off the tree, below? It's about 4-5 feet long, and is a seed pod.

Here's a great shot (Ann's, not mine) of the tree with the pod in all 4 stages of development, from fully closed to withering and dead.

We all cracked up when we saw this sign, directing us to our next bridge, as well as the nearby waterfall. Given that there was only one trail, heading up, the sign was a bit superfluous.

The park also had an amazing view of Arenal, from a completely different perspective than from our hotel.

Francine -- no Luddite she -- used her auto setting to take a great group photo right before lunch, with Arenal smoking away in the background, then snapped a lunchtime shot as well.

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