Friday, March 2, 2007

Pura Vida!

It all began with Ann Becker, a mild-mannered consultant from the Windy City who went to Costa Rica a few years ago and fell in love -- with the country, its people, the food, the birds, the plants -- in short, everything about the place.

"I must introduce other women to this amazing country," said Ann. And so was born Wonderful Women adventures, Ann's effort to bring her women friends -- and friends-of-friends -- to Costa Rica.

Ann invited Janet, a fellow Chicago-based consultant. Janet and I used to work together in Philadelphia, and we both happened to be there in June 2006, visiting our friend Margaret.

"I'm thinking about going to Costa Rica with a group of Wonderful Women next year," said Janet, "but I can't decide if I should go or not." Hmmm...Costa Rica in February...with 15 interesting women...beach...rainforest...volcanoes... "If you go, I'll go," I cried.

Fast forward to February 2007, and San Jose, Costa Rica. Janet and I met up in Miami and flew down together (I love my frequent flyer miles), and spent a relaxing few days at the Orquideas Inn as the rest of the women trickled in from around the country -- Chicago, Boston, L.A., Pasadena, Tempe.

Once everyone arrived, we met our driver, Minor, and our guide, Alex (unrelated Alvarezes)...

...and Marvi, our bright orange bus...

...and off we went, to explore Costa Rica!

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Anonymous said...

This looks to have been a wonderfull wonderfull trip, you are so lucky !